December 2019

We will exhibit on the DKG congress 2020 in Mannheim from April 15 to April 18, congress subject “the multimorbid heart patient” fits to our mobile monitoring capabilities of Cor/log Probe 1P.

Prof. Schofer, Hamburg, has submitted a lecture about „First wireless right atrial pressure measurement in patients with severe tricuspid regurgitation before and after percutaneous or surgical treatment“, Abstract will be available after acceptance by DGK here on the NEWS as link. That relates to the October 2019 NEWS with picture of a used Cor/log Probe 1P.

Our DGK booth number will be: 026, Level -1.

October 2019

Cor/log Probe 1P got successfully used in human applications in two different clinical sites in September and October. Both clinical partners are preparing publications so emka MEDICAL is waiting with further presentations until publication.

For now we can present you a photo of one used Cor/log Probe 1P after an indwelling time of one week.

June 2019

Successful in-vivo experiment in May 2019. Two Cor/log Probe 1P were implanted into a freely moving pig. Zero drift of the pressure baseline over 29 days. Measurement of S1 and S2 heart sounds due to high frequency resolution of the probe. This can be used to identify the a- and v-wave of the central venous pressure which can be used to diagnose tricuspid valve regurgitation. Continuous data transfer during this time to Cor/log Connect and Cor/log App.

May 2019

We will be presenting our Cor/log System at the Hamburg Heart Days 2019 from 17 to 18 May. You can visit us at booth 22 in the tent. We are excited to talk to you about monitoring of structural heart diseases in the right heart.

January 2019

After much work and effort of our team, we are proud to present the finalized system for Cor/log Probe 1P.

Take a look at our short presentation of the system and its applications. Cor/log Probe 1P will be soon available for the European market.

You can meet us on the Annual Congress of the German Society of Cardiac and Thoracic Surgeons midst of February 2019 in Wiesbaden.

September 2016

A BayMED grant of 250k€ from the Free State of Bavaria has been awarded to develop the Cor/log Probe 1P with specific indications for use in jugular vein pressure monitoring of heart failure patients.

February 2016

The joint project CorLog proposed by our sister company MI Medical Innovation together with our French partner, emka TECHNOLOGIES, got granted with Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence, issued by the European Commission on 8 February 2016.