In the heavily cross-linked healthcare environment measuring physiological parameters is not enough. Measured data needs to be stored, packaged and transported to the place where it is needed in the way that is needed. Our ISO 13485 scope covers data logger for recording of physiological parameters and also telemetry units for transferring of physiological parameters. This enables us to develop products which can be easily integrated in to the clinical environment. This is what connectivity is all about.

Our showcase technology for this is Cor/log BAN BT together with Cor/log View. Cor/log BAN BT is a multi-parameter (ECG, SPO2, Respiration, Acceleration) data logger for mobile patient monitoring. Cor/log View is an Android App that wirelessly receives the data from Cor/log BAN BT.

Cor/log BAN BT

Cor/log View

The development of Cor/log BAN BT was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research in the project called “KARDIKOM”.

The clinical applications of Cor/log® BAN BT and Cor/log® View are clearly stated in the conference paper, “Cor/log BAN BT a Wearable Battery Powered mHealth Data Logger and Telemetry Unit for Multiple Vital Sign Monitoring “, presented by Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Hilbel, Heidelberg University Hospital, Department of Cardiology, at the annual conference of Computing in Cardiology (CinC) 2016 in Vancouver, Canada.

Besides our own capabilities we can also tap in to a network of partner companies which are experts in medical data and network solutions. Together with them we can also offer patient portal solutions.